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What have I learnt after 21,000+ hrs of recruiting? Tip #9 – #recruitmentgold – plse RT

You’ve been for the interview at that dream company and you’ve been pipped at the post – someone else got the job/contract!

Big tip – see if you can find out when that other person starts the job or contract.

You’ll be surprised how often the ‘chosen child’ doesn’t start & its worth checking in every month or so, to see if the chosen child is still there. You’ll be surprised how often they don’t culturally fit, don’t perform, etc etc.

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What have I learnt after 21,000+ hrs of recruiting? Tip #8 – #recruitmentgold – plse RT

You’ve had the interview – you like them, they like you.

Time to negotiate!

My biggest tip here….

I very seldom see a win/win situation – IMHO, one party always tends to ‘win’ a little more than the other.

Make sure you’re on the ‘little more’ side as much as you can.

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233

BTW, I have a very specific negotiation tip for all you contractors out there on how to max your earnings.

But of course that’s in the ‘recruitment platinum’ advice folder and you’d have to contact me to open that!

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#Apple #iCloud: will the #cloud finally go mainstream? – Telegraph

Apple iCloud: will the cloud finally go mainstream? – Telegraph.

85 million people signed up for iCloud. That’s a mighty fine number.

…that’s why they’re doubling the size of their iCloud datacentre.

Read the Sunday Times article about Apple’s iCloud datacentre. Apparently it only had 90 car parking slots. That’s scary!

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