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#bigdata #cloud – The Coming Tech-led Boom –

The Coming Tech-led Boom –

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What have I learnt after 21,000+ hrs of recruiting? Tip #7 – #recruitmentgold – plse RT

Your CV’s bullet proof, you’ve weaved through the maze of agents/direct hirers and you’ve got that interview!

Get in!

That job has my name written all over it.

…and then you blow it big style by:

1. Turning up late – [ring ahead if you’re going to be late – common decency!]

2. Having a wet fish hand shake – [the times I’ve heard ‘Neil – good candidate but that hand shake, put me right on the back foot’].

3. Looking like you’ve been dragged through the hedge backwards – [the interview could mean more accreditations, new skills, fantastic projects, great people, more money – make an effort! Get your finest dander on – top hat & cane probably going a bit too far though.]

4. You haven’t done your homework/research – [imagine the first question at interview was ‘OK, could you describe the design/layout of our website please’? The silence & agony if you couldn’t answer. Painful…

5. Looking shifty – [you don’t have to have an international stare out contest but look people in the eye.]

6. Asking non relevant questions or even none at all – [Be interested! Its courteous & infectious. Questions about ‘where can you get a decent bacon sandwich around here?’ are not good].

etc etc. You catching my drift?

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