Number of #virtualisation contracts down 11.6% – #millshilljobindex – please RT or comment

As you will all know MillsHill will be tracking various job stats for specific skills, namely Virtualisation, Cloud, VMware, Storage & Citrix. All of these stats are via the courtesy of Jobserve –

Tracking these stats over time will give job seekers an awareness of the market demand for their skill and a feel for competition from other job/contract seekers. For employers it will give an awareness of the availability of candidates with certain skills & market demand.

So, albeit MillsHill have only recently started tracking these stats, what does the below indicate?

– number of virtualisation contracts are down as are applications for those contracts

– number of searches remains relatively the same

My gut tells me the virtualistion contract market is ‘sticky’, i.e. contractors sticking in/renewing contracts & thus not many contracts available? Interesting for 99 contracts there are nearly 22 applications per contract, pretty intense competition?

All comments welcome.

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233


Date Virtualisation Contract % diff Virtualisation Contract % diff Virtualisation Contract % diff Virtualisation Searches % diff
References in Ads Posted No. of Applications No. of Registered Candidates
6/2/2012 112 3,660 1,665 1,282
20/2/2012 99 -11.61% 2,168 -41% 1,215 -27% 1,269 -1.01%
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