What have I learnt after running MillsHill for 7yrs? #virtualisation #cloud plse RT

As you may well know MillsHill are virtualisation & cloud resourcing specialists. We were one of the first agencies in the UK to jump on the virtualisation & cloud juggernaut. In fact I feel very very priviledged to have had the awareness/foresight to get into this sector as early as we did. It was then and remains so now, a no brainer.

As of the 1st April 2012 I have run MillsHill for 7 years.

So what have I learnt in that time. 7 years in the rough tough ‘muck n bullets’ playing field that is IT recruitment.

[…I could have condensed this into 7 tips but that would of been way too cheesey].

1. CASH IS KING. So so massively true. Cash wins all games. Cash loves being with other cash. Cash is your precious look after it wisely.

2. EMBRACE CHANGE. Change is part of our world. If you don’t change with the times you’ll go the way of the dodo. Change is accelerating. Remember one of my all time favourite quotes….

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.

3. NO WIN/WIN. Yeah, yeah, yeah all the MBA books may say strive to achieve win/win for all parties but in real life someone always seem to win a wee bit more than the other party.

4. RELATIONSHIPS MATTER. They just really really do.

5. LOVE WHAT YOU DO. In this mad, bad, rough & tough commercial world then love what you do. If you don’t why waste your time. Life/time does accelerate as you get older. Don’t sit in your rocker when you’re 75 watching Countdown saying if only.

6. EVERYONE’S A PLAYER. We live in a very very competitive world. Full stop. But, it doesn’t mean ram everyone into the floor as the game can be played with grace, …to a certain point.

7. LADY OPPORTUNITY. When she comes waltzing through the door then grab hold and have a good ole dance as you don’t know when she’ll be around again. Its true and its a shame but some people aren’t even aware when she’s entered the room.

8. KEEP YOUR DUKES UP! Keep em up at all times & protect yourself. We live in a very competitive era. Full stop.

Namaste everyone – the spirit in you is the spirit in me.

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233


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