Anyone got contacts in South Africa? #citrix #netscaler #XenApp contractor available – plse RT

Anyone in a position to help this contractor?

Due to personal/family circumstances needs to be in South Africa (Gauteng provence – Johannesburg, Sandton, Midrand), around August 2012. Seeking contract work – British & South African passport holder.

Here’s some technical details from this contractor.

I am able to design and install any Citrix environment required, as well as migrate from old to new Citrix farm. I have worked on all Citrix versions right up to the latest build of Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Platinum edition. 

For example, at XXX I have done the following: 

Environment installed onto VMware. 
Installed XenApp 5 farm on Windows 2003 for legacy 32 bit apps. 
Installed XenApp 6.5 farm on Windows 2008 for 64 bit compatibale apps. 
Provisioning Services to stream vDisk images to XenApp servers. 
EdgeSight for XenApp 
EdgeSight for NetScaler 
Merchandising Server for Receiver deployment 
Web Interface servers 
4x NetScaler MPX 7500’s in site pairs for High Availability (HA) and Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB), Access Gateway, group session policies, Vips, ldap to AD. 
Databases created on SQL Server 2008 R2 

Also configured VDI and desktop streaming using the Provisioning Services and XenDesktop functionality. 

XXX users can access Citrix apps through Start Menu (PNAgent), Internal Web Site (Web Interface) or External (NetScaler Access Gateway). External Access from any device – laptop, desktop, Android, iPhone, iPad. 

Currently providing the XXX with full documentation and training to helpdesk\2nd line\3rd line teams. Also about to start a project to include 2 factor authentication into the NetScalers as they are moving to CryptoCard.

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233

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