Is the current IT market ‘job short’ or ‘candidate short’?

Given the economic turmoil/headwind we’re all facing you would think that the current IT market would be job short. Pretty easy assumption hey? No money, no investment, recruitment takes a nose dive.

Actually I’m experiencing the opposite of that, i.e. I’m job rich and candidate short.

Huh? Give over Neil, pull the other leg, its got bells on.

Yes, I have a lots of jobs. In fact I have lots of opportunities offering exposure to new technical skills, new technical accreditations, better career enhancing environments, etc etc.

Why would that be?

In this uncertain economic environment clients want a proven experienced resource to hit the ground running.

The power in the IT recruitment game currently lies with proven experienced resource who can hit the ground running. I’m not saying you can dictate the game but you have the power to influence it.

…but of course you won’t know this until you pop your head above the parapet and have a look around.

‘if the scales fall from someone’s eyes, they are suddenly able to understand the truth’

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233


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