Your next IT job is in the #cloud – latest #millshilljobsindex please RT or comment

Latest MillsHill Job stats, courtesy of Jobserve, can be seen at:

Apologies for the lack of updates of late, MillsHill Towers has been very busy.


In short biggest gainers are:

Cloud Contract vacancies UP 37.18% & hitting a reporting year high!

Hadoop Permanent vacancies UP 14.29%

Storage permanent vacancies UP 6.48%

VMware Permanent vacancies UP 3.02%

Citrix Permanent vacancies UP 1.87%


Biggest Fallers are:

Hadoop Contract vacancies DOWN 35.29%

VMware Contract vacancies DOWN 20.12%

Citrix Contract vacancies DOWN 17.95%

Virtualisation Contract vacancies DOWN 9.91%

Cloud Permanent vacancies DOWN 9.27%

Virtualisation Permanent vacancies DOWN 9.12%

Storage Contract vacancies DOWN 1.96%


Neil – MillsHill –


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