The #VCP accreditation is commodity. The future is ‘VCP plus’ #cloud #vcap #storage #VDI

Christmas is around the corner and 2012 is drawing to a close – so a good time to review the year and make predictions for 2013.
We strongly believe that 2012 has seen the rapid commoditisation of the VCP, (VMware Certified Professional), accreditation. Back in the 2005, when we started resourcing for the virtualisation niche, we used to get very excited when we had 25 x VCP’s on our books. Then we had 50, 100, 250 and now we’ve lost count.
Don’t get us wrong, there is still value in the VCP accreditation. You need it and its expected by clients – its like the new MCSE, i.e. its a badge of credibility. Yet we all know the IT market relentlessly marches on and the times of ‘VCP plus’ are definitely with us and this, in our humble opinion, is where the ‘smarter’ IT candidates will be moving their careers.
So what is ‘VCP plus’? We mean an IT skillbase that is:
– VCP accreditation plus advanced VMware Certifications, e.g. VCAP, VCDX
– VCP accreditation plus storage (EMC or NetApp or HP)
– VCP accreditation plus networking (Cisco or HP Procurve)
– VCP accreditation plus automation/scripting/powershell
– VCP accreditation plus ‘cloud’ technologies (aka ‘cloud angel’)
– VCP accreditation plus VDI (XenDesktop or VMware View)
If you want advise on how to maximise your career for the ‘VCP plus’ era then do contact. Think of us as your trusted recruitment advisor for your virtualisation & cloud career.
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