Back in Jan 2010 I wrote this about the #virtualisation & #cloud market! #mysticmegmills

Last night I stumbled across this email I sent out to our candidate base, (email sent 2nd Jan 2010).

How strangely prophetic were my words. Maybe I am Mystic Meg Mills!

….& note how naff the ‘keep calm & carry on’ phrase sounds now!


Neil Mills


Hello, I’m Neil Mills, Managing Director of MillsHill Recruitment Ltd,

Back in 2005 we were one of the first IT recruitment agencies to focus on virtualisation and cloud computing in the UK.

In this email I’d like to set out a few thoughts on the market for virtualisation and cloud computing skills, the economy in general , and my opinions on where we’re heading in the future.  Finally with regard to skills, what I think will be hot.

1.       2009 – Before looking ahead it’s wise to have a look back at where we came from.  2009 undoubtedly was a tough year.  For me personally, it was my third recession; I graduated into one, recruited through the dot com bubble and crash, (did I hear someone say ‘Dot con’) and now find myself in the current one.  This recession did feel different from the others, it felt like it started in the financial system and then seeped into the general economy.  The biggest thing I have learnt in this recession is to have a proactive attitude, it’s very very easy to slip into a reactive/cautious mode but I feel the trick is being ready to go, go, go when the market turns.  Certainly towards the end of year (Nov/Dec) we felt a definitive thawing of the market.  Remember people/companies still do trade/buy/sell – UK plc’s and Global plc’s do not stop trading – money is still made out there!

2.       2010 – This will be a very interesting year , I immediately think of one of those phrases on a war-time type poster ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’.  Yes, we felt a turn in the market and a definite improvement towards the end of the 2009, but I think it would be short sighted to say we’re out of the woods and skipping merrily towards a golden economic future.  I expect a sluggish recovery this year at best.  We still have an astonishing amount of corporate/personal debt out there that will need to improve before we move forward.  It’s an election year and whoever wins will face some very very tough decisions on spending cuts.  As I read recently it might be an election you’d want to lose.  My advice for job seekers is unless you absolutely absolutely have to move jobs then I’d stick in your current role, (hey I’m a recruiter at heart shouldn’t I be saying the opposite!??!)… but following on from my comments above, be proactive about your career and move when it suits YOU.  Progression in the IT industry is all about gaining new skills, new technical accreditations, scope of role expansion and money/package – if you’re looking at moving,  how many of those ‘ticks in the boxes’ can you get in any new role you are being offered?

3.       Virtualisation and Cloud Computing skills – undoubtedly the demand for skills in this area is increasing.  The corporate animal has a big appetite for cost cutting,  (particularly given the state of  the global economy – if I can’t sell more then I’ll cut my costs, right?), and at the heart of virtualisation/cloud technologies they are technologies that cut costs.  I read a cracking phrase this year – something along the lines of ‘virtualisation is the gateway drug to the cloud’.  I’m reading that as virtualisation is the stepping stone to a cloud future, the internet is king and it’s the perfect platform to push out virtualised/cloud services.

Large numbers of corporates have undertaken server virtualisation/consolidation and the SME portion of the market will get hungry for this area.  Desktop virtualisation, I feel, will be a big demand area – people tell me multi-media performance is improving all the time (common barrier to adoption previously) and it feels to me like the right technology, right solution, and most importantly the RIGHT TIME in the market for this area.

4.       Skills to watch out for – technical skills/accreditations I would keep an eye would be and in no particular order; VMware View, Citrix XenDesktop, Hyper-V, Windows 7 , SCCM/SCOM/SCVMM and although it’s very early days Vblock technology from EMC/Cisco/VMware.

5.       The MillsHill difference – if you absolutely have to move jobs then of course do consider using our services. What do previous candidates say about us? Common words we hear are ‘you listen’,’ you say it as it is’, ‘you’re well connected’, ‘ you don’t over promise’.  Try us out – we’re not miracle workers, we can’t find everyone the perfect new role but we’ll certainly try.

I hope this email proves of interest to you.  If you would like to keep in contact via LinkedIn then do send me a connection request, (my profile can be viewed at ).

Have a great 2010!

Don’t want email’s like this? Hit reply with REMOVE in the subject header.

Best Regards


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