#millshilljobsindex – UK #cloud & #virtualisation jobs market all doom & gloom? plse RT


As you will see from the above stats ALL skills areas are reporting a drop in vacancy numbers.

Is this doom & gloom?

Not really, why?

1. Take out the Easter/half term effect. The MJI (MillsHill Jobs Index) stats are notoriously ‘spikey’ and remember key decision makers, much like you and me, take holidays. I’d be very surprised if those stats don’t show an improvement at the next reporting point.

2. Have a look at registered candidates column. This shows the number of candidates registered with Jobserve who mention that particular IT skill. The vast majority of the IT skills have seen little significant increases in the number of registered candidates during the reporting period.

In plain terms, your ‘competition’ for jobs has not changed little during the last 14 months or so. This could be due factors such as lack of new entrants coming into the IT industry, evidence of candidates ‘bunkering down’ in their IT job/contract until the economy changes, etc.

Neil Mills – MillsHill – http://www.millshill.co.uk


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