Neil, with all this economic doom & gloom out there, why can’t I fill my urgent IT job? #Cloud #virtualisation #Citrix #VMware #Storage

Yup, I hear this ALL the time.

‘Surely with all this economic uncertainty there must be loads of IT candidates out there looking for work?’


Have a look at the following link, particularly the number of registered candidates column:

Consider this – these are the number of registered candidates on Jobserve per IT skill. Jobserve is one the most important job boards for IT professionals in the UK – its a big brand, its got a big reach & its savvy about attracting audiences. The majority of those numbers of registered candidates have shown little dramatic improvement in the last 14 months, i.e the IT candidate pool has not got dramatically bigger.


IMHO, its a combination of IT candidates not registering for new jobs because they have ‘bunkered down’, i.e. better the devil you know whilst this economic storm blows over and also a severe lack of new entrants into the IT industry.

So, if you want to fill that IT job use an agency to help you identify, qualify, interview & hire – because you’re fishing in a small pond.

Use MillsHill!

Neil Mills –




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