Top 5 job interview candidate clangers #goodadvice – please RT or comment

Top 5 interview clangers:

1. Being late for the interview – ring ahead if you’re going to be late. Its called manners.

2. Not doing your homework about the company – imagine if the interviewer’s first question was, ‘what is the predominant colour on our homepage’ and you hadn’t even bothered to look?

3. Poor ‘physical’ presentation – it’s called ‘impact’, i.e. how you enter the building, what you say, how you say it, dress, demeanor, good strong handshake, etc.

4. It’s all about me – so often I hear, ‘Neil, all I heard was why the job would be great for them – left me feeling what was in it for us’. Enough said.

5. Poor eye contact – doesn’t have to be an international stare out competition but look at your interviewers, it makes you look human!

Neil Mills – MillsHill –

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