For @jonathanmedd – The rise of the dev ops #cloudarchitect aka #cloudangel #HotITskills2014

HDS Blogs: Top Ten IT Trends for 2014- Trend 10.

Mr Medd, finally got round to answering your golden question, i.e. what’s going to be hot IT skills wise for the next few years.

Well, I think this article nails it perfectly. Mr Yoshida talks of cloud architects – these mythical cloud angels that walk amongst mere mortal IT professionals.

A cloud architect / cloud angel / dev ops bod  literally knows everything – IT infrastructure, virtualisation, automation, security, scripting, storage, networking etc. They know how the cloud model/technologies affect everything. They can also articulate this model/technologies to the internal business and/or ‘the client’.

I know this doesn’t mention specific technologies/vendors but I’m sure you’re wise enough to know the major players in each technical area.

Hope this helps?!



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