Words to the wise – ‘old skool work is dead & you have no choice’ – please RT

….the old arrangement that we’d like to believe in — get a good education at a good school, find a good job at a good company, work hard for many years, and be rewarded with a secure financial future — is dead. Trading conformity for loyalty is no longer an option. Therefore, we are all free agents now, whether we want to be or not.

Those words, in my humble opinion, are the most powerful words you’ll read this year.

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As a recruiter I get those words – I ‘see’ it everyday & have done for several years.

The pace of change in the current world of work is breath taking – its even accelerating. Yup, the 1960’s ‘social contract’ of working 45-50 years at British Gas and then getting a pension, gold watch, warm handshakes all round and a pat on the back when you retire, yup dead as a dodo. Gone – ceases to exist. Never coming back.

…but knowing this and deeply understanding & accepting it is very powerful – knowing the game means you can play the game better.

Playing the game means being better at ‘career management’, e.g. knowing the job you do currently will directly affect the jobs you can do in the future, how to write a killer CV, ‘playing’ your social media profiles, building your ‘career community’, how to ace an interview, how to play agents, etc etc.

Being better at career management means having & working with someone on your side, i.e. a coach, an aide.

So from now on I am no longer just an IT recruiter – I am also a career management coach and I’ll show you how to play the game better.

Neil Mills – MillsHill – 01803 321233

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