650,000 people into self employment since 2009. Fantastic but caution? Plse RT

Very interesting interview on Radio 4 this morning.

Apparently 650,000 people have entered self employment since 2009.

Great! Fantastic!

…but also time for caution?

One fifth of that number is estimated to have moved into self employment because of where they live, i.e. they had no choice because their local labour market was so poor.

Plus the tale of a unemployed lady on an into work placement program. Her back to work advisor discovered she liked to make gloves in her spare time – so it was suggested she went into business making and selling gloves. Two months later she’d sold one pair.

Hardly the next Facebook is it?

…makes you think? Is the future of work all about short term freelancing/project driven work? If so, how will that affect a person’s ability to own a home, build a sensible pension pot? etc etc.

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