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Its back! #millshilljobsindex – & its not good news! #virtualisation #cloud #VMware plse RT or comment

We’ve been busy boys at MillsHill towers so apologies for the long break in publishing the MJI (MillsHill Jobs Index)!


Reporting period = 6th Feb 2012 to 8th April 2013

  • No. of UK Hadoop contract jobs down 55%
  • No. of UK Virtualisation contract jobs down 50% = No. of vacancies at reporting period low
  • No. of UK Storage permanent jobs down 47% = No. of vacancies at reporting period low
  • No. of UK Hadoop permanent jobs down 41%
  • No. of UK Storage contract jobs down 39% = No. of vacancies at reporting period low
  • No. of UK Citrix contract jobs down 38% = No. of vacancies at reporting period low
  • No. of UK VMware permanent jobs down 36% = No. of vacancies at reporting period low
  • No. of UK VMware contract jobs down 36%
  • No. of UK Citrix permanent jobs down 30%
  • No. of UK Virtualisation permanent jobs down 29%
  • No. of UK Cloud permanent jobs down 27%
  • No. of UK Cloud contract jobs down 13%

Neil Mills – MillsHill –


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Fantastic #Hadoop job, Presales Solutions Engineer, Salary + Bonus + Equity #BigData

Be my clients first person in the UK!

You can evangelise Hadoop/Big Data solutions to CxO/board level.

You can do demo’s/POC’s of the product/solution.

You can input on high level technical architecture.

Your technical input can close deals.

You can account manage.

You expect salary + bonus + equity.

You expect to work with some of the best Hadoop brains on the planet.

You can call Neil Mills – MillsHill – for more details  01803 321233

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Post Olympic blues for UK IT jobs market? #millshilljobsindex

To summarise:

  • Number of Virtualisation contract vacancies down 20%
  • Number of Virtualisation permanent vacancies down 19%
  • Number of Cloud contract vacancies down 36%
  • Number of Cloud permanent vacancies down 14%
  • Number of VMware contract vacancies down 37%
  • Number of VMware permanent vacancies down 9%
  • Number of Storage contract vacancies down 32%
  • Number of Storage permanent vacancies down 17%
  • Number of Citrix contract vacancies down 15%
  • Number of Citrix permanent vacancies down 20%
  • Number of Hadoop contract vacancies down 38%
  • Number of Hadoop permanent vacancies down 27%

Any comments?

Neil Mills – MillsHill – 01803 321233



No. of UK #Hadoop permanent jobs down 13.43% #millshilljobsindex plse RT

Latest MJI figures published at:

NB – this update includes the last 2 x reporting periods.


All contract vacancies up apart from VMware.

All permanent vacancies down, (albeit some down slightly from previous year high figures).

No. of Hadoop contract vacancies hits a reporting year high.

Stats courtesy of Jobserve – see

All comments welcome!

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233


UK market for #Hadoop jobs (permanent and contract) #millshilljobsindex

Stats courtesy of Jobserve – see

UK Hadoop contract vacancies down 5.56% (albeit a drop from 18 vacancies to 17)

UK Hadoop permanent vacancies down 8.57%

You hiring Hadoop skills?

For Hadoop contract vacancies 8.58 candidates registered on Jobserve!

For Hadoop permanent vacancies 2.06 candidates registered on Jobserve!

Thus if your looking for permanent Hadoop candidates then its a very very niche market and get some specialist sourcing help!

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233

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