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Stop ‘bedding down’ in your IT career! #timetokickon #itjobs please retweet

I can’t tell you the number of times over the last few years that I’ve heard the following:

‘Neil, I know my job’s !@#+@@!, I know I could move and get new IT skills / new IT accreditations / more money but in this current economic climate its just too risky. I’ve been in my current job a long time and I’m a known face, …etc etc etc.’

Yeah very sensible outlook you would think – bottom line is people have mortgages & modern lives to finance!

…but things are definitely 100% improving!

New IT skills can be gained, new IT accreditations are being offered, ‘good candidates’ are getting higher salaries, e.g. this has happened this week:

‘…that candidate we interviewed was perfect. Lets not mess about – offer him wants he wants & lets get it done’

‘…thanks for calling. Glad you have. I was going to call you today – I’ve got 4 x jobs that I need you to focus on’

‘…consider us all stations go on recruitment. Get CV’s in!’

‘…our Senior Engineer has nudged me to kick you up the backside & get more CV’s in…’

This is live, on the ground, current UK IT market sentiment!

Maybe its time for you to stick your head over the parapet, take off the risk averse glasses and see what you could achieve?

Start now, click on the link below for a sample of current permanent roles available via MillsHill:



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Dow Jones Reaches Record High –

Dow Jones Reaches Record High.

The world is an economic bubble within another economic bubble.

Let the next boom / bust cycle begin!

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U.K. Economy Surges 1% as Britain Exits Recession #bloomberg

U.K. Economy Surges 1% as Britain Exits Recession – Bloomberg.

I have recruited through 4 recessions and I can tell you 2 things:

– the biggest gains come after a recession

– the economy is series of ‘bubbles’. How successful you are in your career is how you manage yourself during those bubbles – call it ‘timing’.

Neil – MillsHill –

Post Olympic blues for UK IT jobs market? #millshilljobsindex

To summarise:

  • Number of Virtualisation contract vacancies down 20%
  • Number of Virtualisation permanent vacancies down 19%
  • Number of Cloud contract vacancies down 36%
  • Number of Cloud permanent vacancies down 14%
  • Number of VMware contract vacancies down 37%
  • Number of VMware permanent vacancies down 9%
  • Number of Storage contract vacancies down 32%
  • Number of Storage permanent vacancies down 17%
  • Number of Citrix contract vacancies down 15%
  • Number of Citrix permanent vacancies down 20%
  • Number of Hadoop contract vacancies down 38%
  • Number of Hadoop permanent vacancies down 27%

Any comments?

Neil Mills – MillsHill – 01803 321233



#BYOD – hang on a minute…

Bring my own desktop, hang on!

Large numbers of workers already do BYOP (bring your own pension) and BYOH (bring your own healthcare).

I tell you what shall I bring my own desk, bring my own chair, bring my own light, electricity, heating?

….in fact, shall I start bringing my own pay?

You know what, I think I’ll work for myself.

Am I missing the point here folks?

Neil – MillsHill – 01803 321233

MillsHill – food for thought #3

A politician needs the ability to foretell what is going to happen tomorrow, next week, next month and next year. And to have the ability afterwards to explain why it didn’t happen. (Winston Churchill, quoted in the Daily Mail).

MillsHill – food for thought #2

A quarter of people over the age of 55 have less than £500 in savings. (The Daily Telegraph)

MillsHill – food for thought #1

In April 2010, 11% of jobs in the UK economy paid less than £6.50 per hour. (The Independent on Sunday)

So, assuming a 37.5 hour week that’s an annual salary of £12,675.


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