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29% is the magic number for #uk #cloud #virtualisation jobs – please RT

29% of the people we have found new jobs for this year were on our database.

In essence if me or the legend that is Stuart Powell know of you then there’s a very good chance we will help you find your next opportunity!

Contact details for me & Stuart are here:


Just in case you have trouble spotting me – I’m X ray spex on the left! 😉

Neil Mills – MillsHill – http://www.millshill.co.uk


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MillsHill & bricklayers – please RT – #cloud #virtualisation

A man see’s three bricklayers. He asks each ‘what are you doing’?

Bricklayer #1 says “I’m laying bricks”.

Bricklayer #2 says “I’m earning £10 per hour”.

Bricklayer #3 says “I’m building a beautiful cathedral & one day l’m going to drive past it & point it out to my children and say your dad built that”.

So, the point is – in your current job are you ‘laying bricks’ or ‘building a cathedral’?

Neil Mills – MillsHill – http://www.millshill.co.uk


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Permanent UK IT jobs available via MillsHill Recruitment #cloud #virtualisation

Please note that for the following jobs you must be able to live & work in the UK.

For details of any of these roles contact:

Neil Mills on 01803 321233 or Stuart Powell on 01803 321234



– Global Head of Business Operations (Cloud) – London/UK – BY NEGOTIATION

– Cloud Presales Sales Engineers/Architects – London/UK – Cloud Service Provider – BY NEGOTIATION

– Datacentre/End User Computing Consultant – VMware & Any storage – London – £55K + BONUS

– End User Computing Consultant – VMware View or XenApp/XenDesktop – London – £55K + BONUS

– HP/Managed Services Architect – 3PAR and/or HP guru skills – M4/Berks – £65K PACKAGE

– Checkpoint/Managed Services Engineer – M4/Berks – £45K + PACKAGE

– 1st/2nd Line Support Engineer – Microsoft / Windows skills – Surrey – £30K + BENS

– VMware/Microsoft/Dell Storage Consultant – Surrey – £45K + BENS

– Hosted Exchange Guru – M4/Berks – £50K + PACKAGE

– Head of Projects (Datacentre Consulting) – London – £65K + BONUS

– Project Manager (Datacentre Consulting) – London – £45K + BONUS

–  NOC Engineer – Citrix / Windows – Cambridgeshire – £30K + BENS

– 2nd/3rd Line Support Engineer – Microsoft / Windows skills – London – £35K + BENS

– Presales, Cisco Borderless – London – £60K + BONUS (£75K OTE)

– Presales, EMC Datacentre – London – £60K + BONUS (£75K OTE)

– Presales, Cisco Unified Communications – London – £60K + BONUS (£75K OTE)

– Tivoli Storage Manager Consultants – UK – £55K + PACKAGE

– Websense Consultant – M4/Berks – £50K + PACKAGE

– Cisco Borderless Engineer – London – £40K + BENS

– Cisco Borderless Engineers – North West – £40K + BENS

– 2nd/3rd Line Support Engineer – Microsoft / Windows skills – Surrey – £35K + BENS

– Infrastructure Support Engineer – Microsoft / Windows skills – London – £40K + BENS

– Infrastructure Support Team Lead – Microsoft / Windows skills – London – £40K + BENS

– Citrix Engineer – XenApp / XenDesktop – London – £45K + BENS

– System Centre Managed Services Engineer – London – £40K + BENS

– NOC Engineer – Microsoft / Windows – London – £30K + BENS

– IT Support Engineer – VMware / Microsoft / Windows – Newcastle – £30K + BENS

– Infrastructure Support Engineer – Citrix / Microsoft / Windows skills – Surrey – £35K + BENS

– Infrastructure Support Engineer – Citrix / VMware / Windows skills – M4/Berks – £40K + BENS

– Presales Engineer – Citrix / VMware / Windows skills – M4/Wiltshire – £30K + BENS









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What IT jobs is there MOST competition for? #millshilljobsindex #cloud #virtualisation #vmware #storage #citrix #hadoop

Following table shows the average number of IT candidates registered on Jobserve, by skill, for the period 6th Feb 2012 to 8th April 2013.

The higher the number of registered candidates, the more the competition for that type of role, i.e. contract or permanent job.

The lower the number of registered candidates, the less the competition for that type of role, i.e. contract or permanent job.

IT skill/role No. of registered candidates
Storage – contract 2088
Citrix – contract 2022
VMware – contract 1947
VMware – permanent 1924
Citrix – permanent 1622
Storage – permanent 1481
Virtualisation – contract 1340
Cloud – permanent 1291
Cloud – contract 1286
Virtualisation – permanent 1144
Hadoop – contract 174
Hadoop – permanent 155

All aboard the Hadoop / Big Data bus hey?!


Neil Mills – MillsHill – http://www.millshill.co.uk

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Neil, with all this economic doom & gloom out there, why can’t I fill my urgent IT job? #Cloud #virtualisation #Citrix #VMware #Storage

Yup, I hear this ALL the time.

‘Surely with all this economic uncertainty there must be loads of IT candidates out there looking for work?’


Have a look at the following link, particularly the number of registered candidates column:


Consider this – these are the number of registered candidates on Jobserve per IT skill. Jobserve is one the most important job boards for IT professionals in the UK – its a big brand, its got a big reach & its savvy about attracting audiences. The majority of those numbers of registered candidates have shown little dramatic improvement in the last 14 months, i.e the IT candidate pool has not got dramatically bigger.


IMHO, its a combination of IT candidates not registering for new jobs because they have ‘bunkered down’, i.e. better the devil you know whilst this economic storm blows over and also a severe lack of new entrants into the IT industry.

So, if you want to fill that IT job use an agency to help you identify, qualify, interview & hire – because you’re fishing in a small pond.

Use MillsHill!

Neil Mills – http://www.millshill.co.uk




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#millshilljobsindex – UK #cloud & #virtualisation jobs market all doom & gloom? plse RT


As you will see from the above stats ALL skills areas are reporting a drop in vacancy numbers.

Is this doom & gloom?

Not really, why?

1. Take out the Easter/half term effect. The MJI (MillsHill Jobs Index) stats are notoriously ‘spikey’ and remember key decision makers, much like you and me, take holidays. I’d be very surprised if those stats don’t show an improvement at the next reporting point.

2. Have a look at registered candidates column. This shows the number of candidates registered with Jobserve who mention that particular IT skill. The vast majority of the IT skills have seen little significant increases in the number of registered candidates during the reporting period.

In plain terms, your ‘competition’ for jobs has not changed little during the last 14 months or so. This could be due factors such as lack of new entrants coming into the IT industry, evidence of candidates ‘bunkering down’ in their IT job/contract until the economy changes, etc.

Neil Mills – MillsHill – http://www.millshill.co.uk


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I’m hiring – Service Desk Manager – c£50K – #cloud #NOC

M4/Berkshire corridor – very fast growing client.

Call Neil Mills – MillsHill for details.

01803 321233

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