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UK #cloud permanent jobs UP 34.47% and hits year high – #millshilljobsindex –


Job stats courtesy of


UK jobs market for #virtualisation & #cloud IT skills – #millshilljobsindex

An interesting way of look at the state of the UK IT jobs market is to look at the jobs stats by keyword and see how far they are ‘trading off’ the year high.

Here goes:

Currently at Year high – Cloud contract vacancies

9% down off year high – Cloud permanent vacancies

15% down off year high – Hadoop permanent vacancies

21% down off year high – VMware permanent vacancies

24% down off year high – Storage permanent vacancies

27% down off year high – Citrix contract vacancies

28% down off year high – Citrix permanent vacancies

29% down off year high – Storage contract vacancies

34% down off year high – Virtualisation contract vacancies

35% down off year high – Virtualisation permanent vacancies

37% down off year high – VMware contract vacancies

62% down off year high – Hadoop contract vacancies

Food for thought, ladies & gentlemen?!

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#VCP accreditation is commodity? You need to be VCP+! #millshilljobsindex

VMware contract vacancies down 20.12% & VMware permanent vacancies trading 21% off reporting year high.

Is this a sign that the VCP is commoditised – is it the ‘new MCSE’, i.e. you have to have but its not that bling on its own anymore?

I have long thought that the market now and for the near future you have to be VCP +, i.e.

VCP + Storage accreditation


VCP + VDI technologies


VCP + Networking technologies


VCP + cloud in a box technologies

Comments most welcome.

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Your next IT job is in the #cloud – latest #millshilljobsindex please RT or comment

Latest MillsHill Job stats, courtesy of Jobserve, can be seen at:

Apologies for the lack of updates of late, MillsHill Towers has been very busy.


In short biggest gainers are:

Cloud Contract vacancies UP 37.18% & hitting a reporting year high!

Hadoop Permanent vacancies UP 14.29%

Storage permanent vacancies UP 6.48%

VMware Permanent vacancies UP 3.02%

Citrix Permanent vacancies UP 1.87%


Biggest Fallers are:

Hadoop Contract vacancies DOWN 35.29%

VMware Contract vacancies DOWN 20.12%

Citrix Contract vacancies DOWN 17.95%

Virtualisation Contract vacancies DOWN 9.91%

Cloud Permanent vacancies DOWN 9.27%

Virtualisation Permanent vacancies DOWN 9.12%

Storage Contract vacancies DOWN 1.96%


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